I hold three words true for weddings and life.   Real. Fun. Creative

Our favorite aspect about being photographers is seeing the wonderful relationships at weddings.  Happy families and friends, people in love, having a great time, laughing and crying.  The moments between a couple when they are together communicating a thought that isn’t spoken.  We love moving through a room and pausing to capture a look a laugh a smile, genuine reactions that show what people are feeling.  It feeds my soul to click that moment into a memory.  The sound of it gets me every time and we are honored to be able to take pictures of it all.

Weddings are fun and even if people are crying hopefully it’s because they are incredibly happy!  It is most likely the biggest party you will ever have and it is our job to make as many pictures of it as we can so that you can remember the day for the rest of your lives. Because you know what?  We will see things you won’t because you’ll be busy with other things at that moment.  And you will love it when you get your images and you’ll see great things you didn’t even know happened

I am willing to do many things to get a great image.  Stand on top of my truck for a big group shot? Climb a tree, a bridge a fence?  As a photographer you do whatever you can and then some.  Being creative also includes some fun artwork with light.  With natural or enhanced light the scene and mood.  It sculpts a face, a dress or a diamond.  We also have some fun tools to edit images with and we will create some fantastic images for you to enjoy.  Lets be creative together.