I remember taking pictures of my family when they weren’t looking.  My grandma sleeping, my parents watching TV, the sisters sticking their tongues out at me (of course) and my brother with his chest puffed out with pride at catching a fish on our annual fishing trip.  When I got the pictures back (yes I shot film then and still love it now!) they would smile & laugh at how they looked and take the pictures from me to save for themselves!  On vacation, as a kid, my dad used to take pictures of the scenery and my mom would always “yell” at him to take more pictures of people.  They had this conversation every single time my dad took out his camera.  Maybe that’s why I love taking pictures of everything, especially people, in real life situations. 

In 2006 I started shooting weddings with a studio and 5 years later went on my own with John Dart Photography. Dart you ask?  Dart is my middle name and was also my grandmothers maiden name.  It’s much easier to spell than my last name!

When I’m not behind a camera (or the computer) I’m with my wife and one or all of my kids in Chicago sampling the plethora of great restaurants and traveling the country taking photography workshops.  I’m usually with Trish, his partner in crime, who is getting the love of shooting with film in her blood.  She owned an event floral design studio for 18 years and has now started a new journey with Marnie B Creative and works in Chicago as a studio manager of a floral design firm and also will be teaching this summer.  More about that soon!

For more information and to check John Darts availability, please contact me at john@johndartphotography.com 

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